Dr. Jürgen Wittig

Since 1980 we have executed more than 100 projects on every continent and based on a variety of resources, like foodstuff and mineral oil. A variety of diverse projects helped us gather the experience our customers benefit hugely from.
Our extensive look at customer projects gives us the ability to identify potential problems in an earlier project stage. We ask the questions not apparent at a first glance and find the appropriate answers.


Our practical approach to projects leads to realistic results which serve as a basis for further decisions. We find the right balance between technical capabilities and cost effectiveness. Our intention is always to determine whether a project can really be executed in the way it has been planned. We discover possible barriers and minimize technical and financial risks for all participants.

Your benefit

Experience and a practical approach to customer projects build the foundation of our work which is completed by our expertise in the new energy sector and other industries with a process engineering background.
If you are looking for valuation or support during the implementation of an industrial project—CAB is the right partner.

Send us an inquiry via email to info@cab-ltd.com and find out how you can benefit from our experience.