Energized by our experience. Your expert for any kind of energy project.

We are an independent company which provides consulting and services focused on energy projects. Located in Germany, we operate globally since 1980 and serve our customers in all energy related questions.

We oversee your project, develop concepts and give advice on how to reduce energy costs and optimize processes to improve production outcome.

Who are our customers?

We provide our services to a variety of customers like

  • investors / ventures / owners
  • financing partners (investment fonds, banks, development banks)
  • M&A agencies
  • consulting engineers
  • EPC/EPCM contractors
  • NGOs
  • certification companies
  • inspection agencies
  • government agencies

Want to know if we can help your project, too?

Send us an inquiry via email to info@cab-ltd.com and find out how you can benefit from our experience.